I teach formal and empirical political economy in the departments of economics and of government. I am also the Convenor of the LSE Masterclass Understanding Discrimination. Below you can find more information about my teaching.

LSE Masterclass

Understanding Discrimination
On the new LSE three-week online masterclass starting mid-July, we will explore the ways to understand, measure and address discrimination. Join me and my fellow course contributors and gain the knowledge and insights to promote equality. Our online masterclasses focus on topical global issues while exploring the wider context, building on LSE’s 125 year tradition of exploring the interconnected nature of our world that shapes society globally. You will have the opportunity to engage in with a network of peers and experts in live sessions, wherever you are in the world.

PhD level

Game Theory for Research (GV4J6) – Syllabus (2019-20)

Master level

Political Economy (EC453) – Syllabus (2020-21)
(Tex files for lecture slides, problem sets, and past exams available upon request)

Political Science and Political Economy: Current Issues – Syllabus (2020-21)
This course attempts to combine insights from political science, formal theory, and quantative political economy to study important contemporary problems.

Political Science and Political Economy (GV481) – Syllabus (2014-15)


Topics in Political Economy (GV325) – Syllabus (2020-21)

Elements of Economic Analysis 2 (ECON 201-UChicago)
My Problem Sets and Exams are in the public domain (except PS7 Ex5 reproduced from Jehle and Reny’s Advanced Microeconomics Theory – 2nd edition).