Published papers

Electoral Ambiguity and Political Representation with Navin Kartik and Richard Van Weelden
American Journal of Political Science, Accepted.
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Citizens United: A Theoretical Evaluation with Carlo Prato
The Journal of the European Political Science Association (PSRM), Accepted.

Rule Versus Discretion: Regulatory Uncertainty, Firm Investment, and Bureaucratic Organization with Pablo Montagnes
The Journal of Politics 79.2 (2017): 457-472.
Working paper version
Supporting Information: Supplemental Appendix, Mathematica code for figures (1 firm), Mathematica code for figures (multiple firms), Mathematica code for figures (subsidy)

Campaign Cost and Electoral Accountability with Carlo Prato
The Journal of the European Political Science Association (PSRM), Forthcoming.
Working paper version
Supporting Information: Supplemental Appendix
Replication material: Do File, Data Set (for Stata 13 or earlier version)
Data construction material: Do File (Publicly available data sets: Data 1, Data 2, Data 3)
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The Voters’ Curses: Why We Need Goldilocks Voters with Carlo Prato.
American Journal of Political Science 60.3 (2016): 726-737.
Working paper version
Supporting Information: Main proofs, Additional Proofs and Welfare, Extensions, Mathematica code for figures

Political Conflicts, The Role of Opposition Parties, and the Limits on Taxation.
Journal of Theoretical Politics 27.4 (2015): 570-587.
Working paper version

Working papers and work in progress

Political Accountability and Democratic Responsiveness

Rational Ignorance, Elections, and Reform with Carlo Prato

Electoral Imbalances and Their Consequences with Carlo Prato
Supplemental Appendix

Are Biased Media Bad for Democracy?
Supplemental Appendix

New – Wisdom of Crowds? Information Aggregation and Electoral Incentives with Carlo Prato

Special Interest Groups Politics

Lobbying: Inside and Out. How Special Interest Groups Influence Policy Choices
Supplemental Appendix
Young Economist Award at the 31st Annual Meeting of the European Economic Association
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New version – How Outside Spending Shapes American Democracy with Nour Abdul-Razzak and Carlo Prato
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Work in progress – Can Policymakers Recover Special Interest Groups’ Political Information?

Organizational Politics

The Politician’s Province with Will Howell
Supplemental Appendix

Mass Purges: Top-down Accountability in Autocracy with Pablo Montagnes

Leadership: A Definition with Will Howell

Hierarchies and Promotions in Political Institutions: Accountability and Selection with Pablo Montagnes and Junyan Jiang