Political Accountability and Democratic Responsiveness

NEW – Cumulative Knowledge in the Social Sciences: The Case of Improving Voters’ Information with Federica Izzo and Torun Dewan
Supplemental Appendix

New version – Are Biased Media Bad for Democracy?
Supplemental Appendix

New version – Wisdom of Crowds? Information Aggregation in Representative Democracy with Carlo Prato
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Special Interest Groups Politics

Lobbying: Inside and Out. How Special Interest Groups Influence Policy Choices
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Young Economist Award at the 31st Annual Meeting of the European Economic Association
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After Citizens United: How Outside Spending Shapes American Democracy with Nour Abdul-Razzak and Carlo Prato
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Organizational Politics

Signaling in the shadow of conflict

Mass Purges: Top-down Accountability in Autocracy with Pablo Montagnes
Supplemental Appendix

Hierarchies and Promotions in Political Institutions: Accountability and Selection with Pablo Montagnes and Junyan Jiang