Political Accountability and Democratic Responsiveness

A Political Economy of Social Discrimination with Torun Dewan
Press: Not Another Politics Podcast, Blog post (some personal thoughts on populism – also cited in Democracy Digest)

Cumulative Knowledge in the Social Sciences: The Case of Improving Voters’ Information with Federica Izzo and Torun Dewan
Supplemental Appendix

Wisdom of Crowds? Information Aggregation in Representative Democracy with Carlo Prato
Supplemental Appendix

Special Interest Groups Politics

New version – Lobbying: Inside and Out. How Special Interest Groups Influence Policy Choices
Supplemental Appendix
Young Economist Award at the 31st Annual Meeting of the European Economic Association
Press: Blog post

After Citizens United: How Outside Spending Shapes American Democracy with Nour Abdul-Razzak and Carlo Prato
Press: Monkey Cage post,

Organizational Politics

New version – Executive Absolutism: A Model with Will Howell and Kenneth Shepsle

New version – Signaling in the shadow of conflict

Hierarchies and Promotions in Political Institutions: Accountability and Selection with Pablo Montagnes and Junyan Jiang